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    Puppet Video- Looney Lynx and Funky Fox at BLFC 2014

    We set up our camcorder in the main room at Biggest Little Fur Con in Reno, NV,   took the boys out and just started riffing.

    The con itself was great,  we had a lot of fun and will be back again.  Maybe we’ll do a show next time.

    Puppet images from BLFC 2014

    Here are a couple of pro photographer images taken at BLFC.  Our thanks to PictureNV for coming out to the con.

    From left to right Shunaka, Looney, Moonshine, Funky and Shasari

    Dmitri Tiger with Shunaka and Shasari

    Heading for BLFC next week

    I just finished up the rebuild of Dmitri Tiger in time for BLFC next week.  So,  we’ll have some puppet fun at the con, we’ll also have Moonshine Raccoon, Funky Fox and of course Looney Lynx with us.

    We’ll be using a new camcorder and hopefully will have some cool (HD) video to post after the con.


    Further Confusion 2015 Puppet track!

    I was able to speak to some of the Furcon staff over the weekend and right now a puppet track for next year is a possibility    I’m not exactly sure what we’ll have but,  at very least we’ll have more panels (construction and performance) and possibly a variety show/puppet slam.

    More details as they come available.


    Further Confusion 2014

    Just back from Furcon 2014 and had an awesome time!  Greetings to everyone who stopped by to talk to our puppets, Looney Lynx, Funky Fox and Moonshine Raccoon.   We had a nice little puppet meet and greet panel on Sunday and talked about our puppets and some possible events  for Furcon 2015.

    Moonshine Raccoon Update

    I was getting feedback that the original handpaws on Moonshine really weren’t looking that good so,  I swapped them out with handpaws made of fleece.   They look much better now!


    Moonshine Raccoon

    This is ‘Moonshine Raccoon’ finished Sept 2013. Moonshine is configured as a stage puppet (no legs, operated from below). He is about 25 inches tall and has removable carbon fiber arm rods. This is the first of a series of stage puppets I have planned. While the big walk-around puppets are great fun, they really are not usable for stage/video work. Also, as expected, they take a while to build. My plan right now is to build up a cast so I can do some videos and also start putting together a show I can take to cons and possibly puppet slams. Somewhere I find the time for all this…

    Took some time off to get married!!

    We’ve taken some time off to get Married! Dave and I took our vows yesterday at the Contra Costa county offices.

    Images here:

    Dave and Barry’s wedding album


    Funky Fox Video

    Here is a video of Funky Fox on his first outing. This is casual walk-around puppetry, no scripts and entirely improv. Since this was a furry meetup, a lot of the interactions were with fursuits…an interesting comparison of the two styles of performing. I decided not to wear anything over my face or try to hide lip[ movement, basically I worked on 'hiding in plane sight' by having the puppet always active and engaging the audience. I think it worked really well though next time I might try wearing dark glasses so my eyes won't be a distraction.

    Sorry about the sound quality, we'll be adding digital sound recording next time.


    Funky Fox and Looney Lynx outing- Images

    Here is a small gallery of still images taken at the Further Confusion picnic 2013: Funky and Looney images