Vlogging at Further Confusion Picnic 2015

So,  we’re starting a new puppet project;  Vlogging with puppets.  We have a couple of ideas about format but,  one of the things we’ll be doing is fan interviews at meetups and conventions.  Our first vlog is below, the sound and video quality is a little rough but,  we have some new equipment on the way to (hopefully) fix that.


Fiction Blog

For those of you looking for my fiction blog,  it can be found here:

Shunaka’s Fuzzy Writing

What?  Fiction blog?  So you’re not going to be doing puppets any more???

Not at all,  I’m going to continue with puppet work but,  I’m expanding out a bit.

Puppetry at it’s heart is a method to tell stories-  it can be deep storytelling but to state the obvious it’s not the same as the written page.  I have a batch of fantasy stories that I’ve wanted to get out to the public,  I gave it a lot of thought and could not come up with a reasonable way to turn any of them into puppet plays.   It’s the same problem when converting a novel into a movie;  with lots of money and time you can get a shadow of the story onto the screen but it’s never the same. Something has to be left out, changed, added;  in the end the movie or video is a brand new creature that is a subset of the original written word and often for the worse.

But,  puppets are great fun!  I have no intention of letting that go.






Puppeteering at Biggest Little Furcon May 2015

Here is the first video of our puppet walk-arounds at BLFC. This was our first performance using a GoPro for recording. The GoPro was mounted on a head band which really didn’t work as well as we would have liked. We’ve since acquired a chest mount that looks like it will be MUCH better. We’re also going to add a wireless mike for the second puppeteer so the sound quality will be better.

Part 2 will be published soon.



New puppet build- Chaco Coyote

Here is is my latest puppet build- Chaco Coyote. He’s an old desert rat (coyote?) who lives among the sand and cactus of southern California.

Chaco coyote


Back from BLFC 2015

We’re back from BLFC and had a totally awesome time! One of the best cons we’ve been to and that’s saying a lot since we’ve been going to cons for close to 20 years. We had the puppets out all three days, they were super popular and brought a smile to many faces. Our Saturday panel on social puppeteering went quite well- everyone had tons of fun playing with the puppets at the end of the panel.

We have lots of videos! We’ll post them as quickly as we can.


BLFC puppet activities

Due to unforeseen circumstances we will not be performing a puppet show at BLFC this year. However, we will be there- with puppets! We’ll be doing walk around with our characters throughout the con and will be presenting a panel on social puppeteering on Saturday.


Next Puppet Show

We’re working on the next puppet show, this time at www.biggestlittlefurcon.com in Reno. This will be a variety show with music and comedy hosted by Looney Lynx and Funky fox. We’ll have some veteran furry puppeteers joining us so it’s sure to be a great time!

Power Point presentation

Per requests, here is the slide show from our beginning puppet building panel.

Beginning Puppet Building Slide show from FC 2015



Further Confusion 2015

Dave and I are back from our whirlwind weekend at FurCon 2015.  The puppet track was a great success-  in particular working with the guests of honor,  Lex Rudd, Andy Heath and Warrick Brownlow-Pike was a great privilege and great fun.

We will be posting more information from the con shortly.

Shunaka and Shasari

FurCon 2015 Puppet track leads

Call for Puppet act FurtherConfusion 2015 VIDEO

We’re looking for puppet acts for FurtherConfusion 2015- I’ll let Funky and Looney (as Holmes and Watson) fill in the details: